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krakow street art krakow street art
Krakow Photos8 months ago

13 Pieces Of Street Art In Krakow You Have To See

Krakow’s amazing street art One of the many things we love about Krakow is the fantastic street art that adorns...

Krakow cinematic Krakow cinematic
Krakow Videos8 months ago

Awesome Cinematic Krakow Travel Video

Sebastian Dylag has produced this absolutely awesome cinematic video of Krakow that captures the beauty of our favourite place. Bravo...

krakow facts krakow facts
Krakow Guides8 months ago

16 Unusual Facts about Krakow

These facts about Krakow may just surprise you 1. Schindler’s List was filmed in Kazimierz. 2. A trumpet plays his...

jazz rock cafe jazz rock cafe
Krakow Bars8 months ago

8 Reasons Why The Jazz Rock Cafe Is Amazing

I’ll never stop loving the Jazz Rock Cafe When I first visited Krakow in 2007, the first place I went...

krakow cat cafe krakow cat cafe
Krakow Cafes8 months ago

There’s 2 Amazing Cat Cafes In Krakow

Krakow has 2 cat cafes and they’re fantastic. When you combine Krakow, cats and coffee you create a fabulous recipe...

lake Zakrzówek lake Zakrzówek
Krakow History8 months ago

The Beauty Of Zakrzówek Lake

Zakrzówek lake in Krakow The story of how Zakrzówek was created is one that always amuses me. Up until 1991,...

krakow beer garden krakow beer garden
Krakow Bars12 months ago

8 Fantastic Krakow Beer Gardens

The best places to drink in a pub garden in Krakow When it isn’t bone-chillingly cold in Krakow then one...

rooftop bar krakow rooftop bar krakow
Krakow Bars12 months ago

6 Amazing Rooftop Bars In Krakow

There’s nothing better than having a drink in a rooftop bar in Krakow. Here are 6 places where you can...

krakow instagram krakow instagram
Krakow Guides12 months ago

10 Krakow Instagram Accounts That You Need To Be Following

The very best Krakow instagram accounts you should be following in 2019. 1. Krakow City Guide The provider or some...

krakow from above krakow from above
Krakow Videos12 months ago

Krakow In 4K From Above Video

This stunning video from Garrit Wes Anderson gives a very unique perspective of Krakow