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13 Pieces Of Street Art In Krakow You Have To See



Krakow’s amazing street art

One of the many things we love about Krakow is the fantastic street art that adorns it’s various corners. A feature during communist times, it’s continued to flourish today.

Here are some of our favourites pieces of Krakow street art that you can see today.

1. Bawol Square

Bawol Square street art
Plac Bawół 3, Photo by Sam Gillies

This wonderful piece of Krakow street art was created during the Jewish Culture Festival 2014, by Broken Fingaz, who are an Israeli group street art group.

2. Gene Kelly

gene kelly street art
ul. Bożego Ciała 18

An iconic piece of Gene Kelly singing in the rain. It appeared in 2014.

3. Corner of ul. Nowa & ul. Józefa

Corner of ul. Nowa & ul. Józefa street art

This beautiful colourful piece was created during the 2016 ‘100 murals of Krakow’ project.

4. Galicia Jewish Museum

Galicia Jewish Museum street art
Galicia Jewish Museum, Dajwór 18

The Galicia Jewish Museum held a contest for the art that would be on its exterior and the brilliant Marcin Wierzchowski won and painted this beauty.

5. Józef Mehoffer House

Mural no. 658
Józef Mehoffer House, Krupnicza 26

Made in 2012, this stunning piece is called ‘Mural no. 658’ and was created by M-City.

6. Judah

judah street art krakow
Św Wawrzyńca 16

‘Judah’ was created by the Israeli artist Pil Peled in 2013 during the Jewish Culture Festival. It can be found in the heart of Kazimierz.

7. Życie to Rozwój

Życie to Rozwój street art

You’ll find this piece on the Jagiellonian University buildings in front of Jordan Park.

8. Ding Dong Dumb

Ding Dong Dumb
Ding Dong Dumb, Piwna 3a

One of Krakow’s most famous was created by the Italian street artist Blu back in 2011. Found in a former Jewish Ghetto and it’s depiction of the Catholic Church has caused some controversy.

9. For God’s Sake, Censorship is Everywhere

For God's Sake, Censorship is Everywher

Created in 2012 by ‘Pikaso’ during the Grolsch ArtBoom festival. Supposedly the final piece was made after his original design was rejected.

10. Lem’s Robot

lem's robot
Lem’s Robot, ul. Józefińska 24

Found in Podgórze, it’s a mural for the creator of Solaris, Stanisław Lem. The piece itself was made by Filip Kużniarz in 2012.

11. Kazimierz Historical Mural

Kazimierz Historical Mural
Kazimierz Historical Mural, ul. Józefa 17

Made by Piotr Janowczyk in 2015 it features five Polish figures, Emperor Józef Hapsburg II, Helena Rubinstein, Karol Knaus, Esterka and King Kazimierz the Great.

12. JPII Mural, Aleja Kijowska 8

john paul

The Aleja Kijowska 8 school wall has featured multiple pieces of street art over the years. The council doesn’t take kindly to new street art, but new ones keep appearing. This one of JPII has managed to survive so far.

13. AGH mural

Józef Mehoffer House street art
AGH mural ul. Czarnowiejska 50B

Justyna Lubińska created this beauty in 2013 after a contest from the University of Mining and Metallurgy in Kraków.

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Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Krakow. Purveyor of Krakow posts, lists, stories, videos and photos. Having spent various summers in Krakow taking tourists around, Sam spends his time in between Bristol in the UK and his favourite city, Krakow.

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