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There’s 2 Amazing Cat Cafes In Krakow



Krakow has 2 cat cafes and they’re fantastic.

When you combine Krakow, cats and coffee you create a fabulous recipe for brilliance.

Kocia Kawiarnia Kociarnia has been open since 2015 and it’s everything you would expect from a cat cafe.

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The cats are generally very friendly, seem happy and are well looked after. This is extremely important as i’ve been to a few cat cafes and pubs that are certainly on the lax when it comes to hygiene.

But not content with having just 1 cat cafe, they’ve recently opened a second one on Lubicz 1 to cope with the excessive demands of people wanting to drink coffee and pet cats.

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Not only do you have the coffee, cats and cakes you would expect but this place also features board games (for as long as you can handle cats knocking your pieces over).

With any good cat cafe, there are some rules. So be kind to the cats and don’t even think about bring kids younger than 10.

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Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Krakow. Purveyor of Krakow posts, lists, stories, videos and photos. Having spent various summers in Krakow taking tourists around, Sam spends his time in between Bristol in the UK and his favourite city, Krakow.

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