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Krakow Bars

4 Of The Best Krakow Drinking Tours



If you want to experience Krakow one of the best ways to do so is to go on one of the many Krakow drinking tours that you can find.

Here are 4 of the best Krakow drinking tours.

1. Krawl through Krakow pub crawl

The number 1 pub crawl in Krakow since 2008. With Krawl through Krakow you get the chance to explore the brilliant Krakow nightlife and also meet an array of different travelers and students.

This pub crawl features everything you might expect from a pub crawl. A power hour of unlimited drinks in one of Krakow’s best bars (I can taste the hangover already).

Then there’s also drinking games, beer pong, flip club, all of the favourites.

You’ll end up in various Krakow bars, from Krakow shot bars, clubs, underground venues and karaoke clubs before ending in a Krakow night club to frisk and frolic with your other adventurers.

It runs from 9pm every night in front of the Adam Statue in Krakow’s main square. The cost is 55zl for girls and 60 zl for guys.

2. Krakow Brewery Experience

If you love beer and you’ve come to Krakow then you need to see a Krakow brewery. The Krakow brewery tour gives you that opportunity.

You meet an expert brewer who will give you a fresh pint of tasty beer before you see inside a live brewery to see the beers get made.

Not only do you get to taste the fresh ingredients that make craft beer different from normal industrial beer but you’ll be told everything you need to know about it.

To top it off you’re also given a BBQ dinner to sober yourself up.

3. Vodka Tasting

polish vodka

If there’s one thing that people know about Poland before they visit it’s that they bloody love vodka in this country.

One of the best ways to sample Polish vodka is to go for a vodka tasting tour and experience the best vodka in Krakow.

The Polish Vodka Tasting Experience gives you that opportunity. Costing 99pln you can try seven amazing polish clear and flavoured vodkas. You also get some tasty Polish style tapas, a vodka guide and a smashing round of Polish vodka history and culture.

4. Beer Tasting Tour

Hoppy Tours gives the best experience for craft beer and seeing Krakow’s best breweries. You’re greeted by a guide who knows some of the best spots in Krakow who takes you down a quiet alley to sample Krakow’s finest craft beers.

You’ll get to meet a fantastic Master Brewer who talks you through everything you will need to know about beer and you’re given a multitude of beers. What more could you want?

Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Krakow. Purveyor of Krakow posts, lists, stories, videos and photos. Having spent various summers in Krakow taking tourists around, Sam spends his time in between Bristol in the UK and his favourite city, Krakow.

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Krakow Bars

8 Reasons Why The Jazz Rock Cafe Is Amazing



jazz rock cafe

I’ll never stop loving the Jazz Rock Cafe

When I first visited Krakow in 2007, the first place I went into was the Jazz Rock Cafe and it quickly became my favourite place to drink in Krakow.

1. The music.

Obviously the music. With a huge proportion of Krakow bars and clubs churning out generic EDM music and r&b (here’s looking at you ghost of Frantic).

The Jazz Rock Cafe says fuck that, we’re going to play rock, and nothing but that.

2. The staff

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Generally friendly, and also hilarious. Never afraid to dress up as well, the staff bring the Jazz Rock Cafe to life.

3. The cocktails

As previously mentioned this was the first place I ever went to, and it was there where i was first introduced to the beauty of the simple Tatanka, i.e. Zubrwoka with apple juice. A fairly common drink in Poland, this blew my young mind. But there’s far more than apple juice based drinks here, and the staff will whip you a brilliant cocktail in front of you.

I mean what the hell is this?

4. The shots

Oh god the shots…. so many shots. 5 zloty 1 you say? I’ll have 10 please.

5. The customers

Part of the reason this became my favourite place was due to the fellow like minded rock heads that can be found, with most being absolutely great to talk to. Granted I did once witness the entire place go up into a fight, like the scene of an old American western, but that’s just good character right?

6. The whisky selection

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It’s not just about Jack Daniels here, there’s more whisky than you can shake your fist at.

7. Dressing up

Okay, this might be about the staff again, but the outfits the bar staff wear each Halloween are always outstanding.

8. The interior

It’s weird as hell but it’s just so darn cool. Dark and filled with red lights, it’s like some sort of Berlin style sex dungeon.

Never change Jazz Rock Cafe.

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Krakow Bars

8 Fantastic Krakow Beer Gardens



krakow beer garden

The best places to drink in a pub garden in Krakow

When it isn’t bone-chillingly cold in Krakow then one of the best things to do is find a good beer garden and enjoy the sun with your tipple of choice.

Here are 8 of the best Krakow beer gardens for you to enjoy.

1. Mleczarnia

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No Krakow beer garden list would be complete without Mleczarnia being at the top of it. An absolutely stunning garden with a wide selection of beers.

Mleczarnia address: Rabina, Beera Meiselsa 20, 31-058 Kraków

2. KLUB Re

Both a cellar bar and an awesome tree filled beer garden. KLUB Re is a unique place and one of the best beer gardens in Krakow.

KLUB RE address: Świętego Krzyża 4, 31-027 Kraków

3. FORUM Przestrzenie

Forum Przestrzenie replaced the awful Forum Hotel and has quickly become a Krakow favourite. It’s well and truly a hipster palace reminiscent of Berlin’s outside spaces, but that isn’t a bad thing.

You’ll find good food, great beer and a host of deck chairs outside as you overlook Krakow’s river.

Forum address: Marii Konopnickiej 28, 30-302 Kraków

4. Tyanto

A former tobacco factory that has now turned into a fantastic industrial night hub. Tytano symbolises much of the fantastic new development of Krakow. You’ll find a collection of different bars here and a garden to use in each.

Tytano address: Dolnych Młynów 10, 33-332 Kraków

5. Rynek

Strictly speaking this isn’t a particular bar, but if you’re looking for a beer garden in Krakow then the Rynek square is one of the best places to go. Warning; likely to be filled with a lot of English stag groups and probably be a bit over priced.

Rynek address: Rynek Glowny Central Square, Krakow

6. SPACE Craft Pub

There’s a huge variety of beers at SPACE Craft Pub, and it features some fantastic craft selections as well. The beer garden itself is full of shrubbery and a great outside spot in Krakow.

SPACE Craft Pub address: Bracka 3, 31-005 Kraków, Poland

7. Eszeweria

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This cute place in Kazimierz is relatively quiet and quaint but is absolutely one to pop into for a drink. Probably best to stick to the vibe here and have a gin or a wine, you don’t want to declass this joint with a pint of fosters.

Eszeweria address: Józefa 9, 33-332 Kraków

8. Buddha Drink & Garden

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Mężczyzna bluszcz i człowiek Budda.

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Found near the main square, the Budda Bar has become one of the top bars in Krakow. Filled with golden buddhas and candles, this place has a fantastic garden with a wide selection of cocktails available.

Buddha Bar & Garden address: Rynek Główny 6, 30-001 Kraków

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Krakow Bars

6 Amazing Rooftop Bars In Krakow



rooftop bar krakow

There’s nothing better than having a drink in a rooftop bar in Krakow. Here are 6 places where you can have an alcoholic drink and kick back and look at the stunning city of Krakow.

1. Vidok

On the corner of the river, it gives you a fantastic view of the castle and both directions of the river.

2. METRUM Restobistro

This cafe ontop of the music academy gives you a cracking view of Krakow. It’s open until 8pm.

3. Hotel Pod Wawelem

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Another place found on the river with great views of the castle.

4. Sky Bar

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Enjoying Krakow from above.

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You’ll find this place on Szczepanska Str. If you ride the lift up to the top floor of Stary Hotel, you’ll find this amazing view where you can enjoy a cocktail above Krakow.

5. U Ziyada

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One of the best places in #Krakow ☀️

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U Zikaya is a bar and restaurant that gives an absolutely stunning view of the Vistula River.

6. Zielone Tarasy

Zielone Tarasy is an amazing rooftop bar where you can have food, wine and amazing cocktails.

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